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Frank Ferragine

Frank Ferragine

Weather Specialist, Breakfast Television & Gardening Specialist, CityNews

Frank began his television career working for A-Channel Toronto/Barrie (formerly The New VR) in 1995 giving gardening tips to viewers.  From there, he went on to produce and host “Diggin’ It” on CH before moving back to A-Channel as host of “GrowTV.”  He later became their Weekend Weather Specialist as well as a General Assignment Reporter before taking a leave from the station in 2002 to oversee his family gardening business.  Frank continued to do gardening segments for “BT-BreakfastTelevision” during his leave before coming back full time in 2005.

Frank originally wanted to be a lawyer but then realized plants don’t talk back!

As a child, his family home was attached to a greenhouse and his family grew vegetables in the Holland and Cookstown Marsh.  When your life evolves around farming and flowers, Mother Nature is truly your ruler and the weather of the day makes or breaks you.  Because of this, Frank tries to make the best of the weather each and every day.  To Frank, rain can also equal liquid sunshine for your lawn!

In 2000, Frank was voted by Landscape Ontario as Ontario’s Gardening Broadcaster of the year. He has also been heavily involved in promoting the Horticultural industry in Ontario and has assisted with the Beautification of Toronto, by sitting on the Board of Directors for Toronto’s Flower and Garden Trade Show, “Canada Blooms.”

“In 1998 I lost my younger brother Tony to Cancer. He was not only my brother but my best friend.  After going through this, let’s just say I live for 2 each day and I don’t sweat the small stuff!”

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