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CityNews Toronto

Out of the newsroom and on the streets, CityNews Toronto is “everywhere” and dedicated to covering the local news stories and events that shape our city.

Download the CityNews app for Apple iOS and Android to:

  • Watch CityNews LIVE at 5, 6 & 11 pm daily (6 & 11 pm on weekends)
  • Get up-to-the-minute breaking-news alerts, weather and traffic updates
  • Watch live streams of major breaking news events as they occur
  • Submit news tips & stories via email, Facebook, and Twitter
  • and much more!

Pick Your Device:

Get the CityNews Mobile App for Apple iOS iPhone iPad
Get the CityNews Mobile App for Android


  • Watch CityNews live
  • Read local, national, international, sports and entertainment news stories
  • Get push notifications when breaking news occurs
  • Watch videos
  • Get the current temperature and forecast as well as the 5-day forecast from our meteorologists
  • Get real-time closures and cancellations information from the CityNews Storm Centre.
  • View photo galleries
  • Submit a news tip directly to the CityNews newsroom
  • Get the latest sports news and scores from Sportsnet.
  • Share stories via email and Facebook, Twitter
  • Contact the CityNews newsroom


CityNews Toronto Traffic

The CityNews Toronto Traffic app provides real-time monitoring of your traffic routes as you drive and notifies you of slow-downs with hands-free audio alerts.

Download the CityNews Traffic app for Apple iOS and Android to:

  • Monitor traffic along your route as you drive
  • Receive push notification of major traffic incidents that affect the entire GTA
  • Save your most-used routes, destinations, or use the default favourite community destinations
  • Hands-free audio traffic reporting of crashes, construction issues or bad road conditions
  • Set up notifications to alert you of traffic issues before you leave home, work, or school

Pick Your Device:

Get the CityNews Traffic App for Apple iOS iPhone iPad
Get the CityNews Traffic App for Android


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