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IN PHOTOS: Unique 75-year-old plant busts through Allan Gardens greenhouse roof

A unique 75-year-old plant has grown through a hole in the roof of the Allan Gardens greenhouse.

The agave americana was seen two metres about the glass conservatory on Friday morning, as evidenced by these photos from CityNews cameraman Bert Dandy.

According to the University of Arizona, the plant has leaves with large thick points and a pattern on the back. The centre stalk is often described as “asparagus-like,” and will eventually develop yellow flowers.

However, it can be years before the plant blooms for the first time.

Check out photos of the same plant in April at this Toronto Gardens blog.


  • Clare Kuehn says:

    When is it due to bloom? And for how long?

  • Mediaman says:

    Hmmm. I wonder how much tequila can be distilled from that gigantic Agave. Anyone have a distiller handy?

  • Tz says:

    And since when is the Agave americana a TREE ???

    • CanadianGirl says:

      They start out looking like an aloe. But do grow very tall with a stalk/tree.

      • Tz says:

        A stalk – no matter how long is not a Tree.. lol.

        Anyways.. looks like Citynews changed the Headline to “plant” instead.

        • CanadianGirl says:

          You’re a smart a*s aren’t you? Actually, some do describe the way they can look as a stalk so tall, they are like a tree.

  • Blowhard says:

    whoa whoa whoa.. It grew through the roof on june 21st??? Its like 4 feet above the roof… clearly its been growing out the roof for quite some time now.

    • starry_one says:

      blowhard – It doesn’t say that it happened today.. the wording seems to imply that, but I don’t think thats the case. There are photos of it on the blog from April, it’s quite amazing how much its grown even in that short time.