A Langley, Wash.-based company is donating a custom-designed wheelchair to an abused cat found in Toronto last month.

Angel, a five-month-old kitten, was left in a pet carrier outside the McDonald’s at Bathurst and Dundas streets, and someone took her to Special Ones Cat Rescue in Oakville.

Veterinarians determined Angel had a broken spine and ribs from being kicked on separate occasions.

Darren Welgan, a 35-year-old Oshawa resident, read about the cat’s plight on CityNews.ca and felt he had to do what he could to help.

He wrote to several companies which make mobility carts for animals, and one responded.

K9 Carts has been donating a cart to a needy animal every Christmas and decided, this year, they would give one to Angel.

The company will cover the $400-$600 cost of the wheelchair and shipping.

Angel also needs thousands of dollars in surgery and daily pain medication.

The OSPCA is investigating.

—With files from Saphia Khambalia