A Collingwood, Ont., woman who was killed while volunteering in Tanzania is being remembered as generous, courageous and kind.  

Susan Wells, 41, was travelling alone when she was killed on Nov. 26. Her body was found two days later. There are conflicting reports as to how she died, but she may have been killed by someone she was helping. Tanzania police have made an arrest in her death but no charges have yet been laid.

“Susan was an extraordinarily compassionate person with a generous heart —she dedicated every aspect of her life to helping those in need,” family friend Jennifer Forman told CityNews on Tuesday.

Wells, who had made many volunteer missions to East Africa, was travelling alone and wasn’t part of an aid organization.

“Susan was in a place she had visited several times before.  She had fallen in love with Tanzania and the many residents and volunteers with whom she’d come to know and befriend.  Susan was fulfilling her passion and her life’s work, and that gives us just a little bit of peace,” Forman said.

“For those of us lucky enough to know her, she left us with a lifetime’s worth of comfort, joy and happy memories that will help to fill the deep void in our hearts.”

With files from Galit Solomon