The TTC is admitting there are a few bugs in the new trains, one of which is causing passenger delays.

The major issue has to do with the sensitivity of the system that controls the opening and closing of the doors.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told CityNews the problem mainly occurs during rushhour. With crowded trains there is a greater chance of a backpack or body parts blocking the doors from closing.

Ross says these problems are typical when a new system is implemented and they are not mechanical faults with the trains.

“We consider them to be teething problems that can be worked through,” he told CityNews. “It’s not unusual for new systems to encounter small problems. We’ll work through those. We’ll get them sorted out.”

Ross said that something as small as a coffee cup can cause the doors to not close completely, signaling the system to recycle the door open and close function.

The problem elevates when the doors are unable to properly close after three attempts. Once that happens the system has to be rebooted and in order for that to happen passengers must temporarily exit the train, causing significant delays.

Ross says TTC CEO Andy Byford will meet with Bombardier officials on Friday to discuss this problem, as well as other possible improvements to the new trains including improving the hand holds.

The new trains were unveiled last year and there are currently 27 running. Once completed there will be 70 new trains in the fleet.