Tensions heightened at council’s final meeting of the year when Mayor Rob Ford and Coun. Adam Vaughan got into a heated exchange.

It all started when Vaughan said the mayor hadn’t responded to his questions about why a zoning amendment application had been held.

“I’ve tried to get the mayor’s office and ask the mayor directly to tell me why he held this item in my ward,” Vaughan said at city hall on Thursday.

Ford took umbrage with that account and prompted Speaker John Parker to ask him to “cool his jets” before he was allowed to reply.

“He has not said one word to me in this whole council meeting for the last three days,” Ford said. “So for him to come up and say I talked to him personally — that’s an outright lie.

“You can take me to the integrity commissioner. Take me where you want … We can get the tapes.”

Parker called a five-minute recess to restore order to council.

After the session ended, Vaughan claimed in an interview with 680News that Ford is singling him out on purpose.

“The mayor was looking to score a few points and take a few shots at me, so he chose one of the development applications … to do it,” he said.

“I think we’re all tired of the mayor’s behaviour, poor choice of words and belligerent behaviour. It’s a disturbing pattern. It’s the pattern that has plunged this city into the ambiguity it now finds itself in. I think all of Toronto is as weary of this behaviour as I am.”

On Monday, a judge ordered Ford to leave office after violating conflict-of-interest rules. Ford has appealed the decision and, until resolved, is seeking a stay of the judgment.

Vaughan has been touted as a possible contender in the 2014 mayoral election.
City council will meet again in January 2013.