Residents of an east-end neighbourhood are heartbroken after finding a feral cat in their care had been shot with a pellet gun and is now paralyzed.

Panda’s guardian Abena Odure told CityNews the cat — one of a colony of eight strays near Gerrard Street East and Broadview Avenue — had been missing for a couple of days and then turned up at his feeding station on Tuesday dragging his hind legs.

“I really want this person to pay,” said Odure. “I really want the person to go to jail.”

Veterinarian Ryan Aguanno at the Bay Cat Hospital examined Panda and found clear evidence on an X-ray of two pellets in his body, between his front and hind legs.

He said the chance is less than one per cent the cat will get regular bowel movements back, even with surgery, which he didn’t recommend because of the stress.

Aguanno also said there’s no hope of a good life for the cat — if left to roam outside, he could fall prey to other animals — and suggested euthanizing him.

The caregivers, however, decided against it.

John Young who feeds the feral cats in his driveway said he was shocked by this animal abuse.

“This could be a psychopath in training,” he said.

Police say it’s now a criminal matter and the OSPCA is investigating.