The CEO of Desicon Group has donated $150,000 to help Danzig residents in Scarborough recover from the mass shooting that occurred last summer.

The money will span over a three- year period and will support resident-developed initiatives, including creating a safe space for children.

The City of Toronto announced the donation from philanthropist Akanimo Udofia on Wednesday and thanked him at a council meeting.

“Our youths need guidance. They need opportunities that motivate them to aspire to heights now deemed unattainable, and the safe environment to make this happen,” said Udofia.

The Scarborough Boys and Girls Club will act as trustee of the funds, with progress monitoring by the city.

“Receiving the grant will be very beneficial to the community,” tenant representative Lynette Gittens said in a release. “This grant will open doors to valuable opportunities for residents and help strengthen and support the vision of the community’s leaders.”

The Danzig community was rocked on July 16 when shots rang out at an outdoor barbecue, killing innocent bystanders, Shyanne Charles, 14, and Joshua Yasay, 23, and injuring 23 others.

Three teens have been charged in the shooting spree.