The accused in the 2010 stabbing death of a 16-year-old Toronto boy testified at his own trial on Wednesday.

Jonathan Cioppa, 20, who faces second-degree murder in the June 12, 2010, death of Justice Ferrigno, 16, said he was very drunk and high on pot that night.

“I was the drunkest I’d ever been,” he told the court, during questioning by defence lawyer Julian Falconer.

Cioppa said he didn’t know Justice when the brawl occurred at Hillcrest Park on Davenport Avenue near Bathurst Street.

He had brought his six-inch knife to impress some friends he was drinking with that night.

They had been drinking at an enclosure at the park and had left but returned to find other teens were at their spot. A friend suggested he scare them away with his knife, Cioppa said.

“I held up the knife and said this is our spot and get out,” the court heard.

The Crown said that the young teens left the park and called 911. They also ran into Justice and he returned with them to the park where the confrontation occurred.

Cioppa said that Justice shouted at him and that the youth hit him on the side of the head and that he panicked.

“I thought I was going to be attacked and seriously beaten,” Cioppa said.

Cioppa grabbed his knife and “struck out at Justice.”     

“He fell back and started screaming that I had stabbed him.”

Justice died of a single wound to the heart.

During cross examination, the Crown accused Cioppa of knifing Justice after the boy humiliated him in front of his friends by slapping him on the face.

He said he was afraid of getting hurt.

The trial continues Monday morning with testimony from a toxicologist before closing arguments later that day.

With files from Marianne Boucher