Six years after the launch of the groundbreaking Wii, Nintendo will attempt to shake up the video game console industry again with the Wii U.

What makes the console different from other systems is the Wii U GamePad – a tablet-like, touchscreen controller. The GamePad has several functions, including providing gamers with an alternate viewpoint into a virtual world. The GamePad also allows for the player to transfer gameplay to the touchscreen to allow others the use of the television.

The system also supports a separately sold Wii U pro controller, which is similar in look to the Xbox 360 controller and is designed to appeal to the more “hardcore” gamer.

The Wii U has been sold out in pre-order at many big box stores around the GTA and around the world.

The system was introduced during Nintendo’s press conference at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

The Wii U comes in two colours, black and white, and is the first Nintendo system to have HD graphics. It will be backwards compatible with most Wii games.

The system will also allow for online gaming as well as streaming entertainment services such as Netflix and YouTube.

The Nintendo Wii has sold over 70-million units internationally.