Christmas concerts at elementary schools are the latest casualty in the escalating labour dispute between teachers and the Ontario government.  

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) said no directive has been given to teachers to cancel the concerts, but they were advised to “pause extracurriculars.”

“My members have a responsibility and will ensure that our rights and our privileges under the Charter are protected,” ETFO president Sam Hammond said.

It’s too soon to say how many school concerts will be affected, as some shows will carry on as usual, and some are moving to the evenings. But others are being cancelled.

TDSB trustee Jerry Chadwick said 12 of 18 schools in his Ward 22 have cancelled their concerts.

One parent, Shannon, told CityNews, “I think that’s sad. It’s sad. It should be about the children. It should be about celebrating the holidays with the children. But like I said, I get why they’re doing it.”

On Monday, high school teachers in 20 boards, including Toronto, began boycotting certain administrative duties. And some elementary teachers will be in a legal strike position as early as next week.

Teachers have been doing the minimum to protest Bill 115, which bans strikes and lockouts and imposes a two-year contract.

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