Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair is once again warning that layoffs could be imminent if a budget increase is not approved.

Blair will ask the Toronto Police Services Board for a 2.3 per cent budget increase – more than $21 million – on Wednesday afternoon, despite being asked to adhere to a budget freeze.

Blair was also tasked with implementing cuts that were supposed to be in place for this year’s budget.

Last year, all city agencies, boards, and commissions were asked to reduce their spending by 10 per cent.

The police cut spending by less than half that amount, 4.6 per cent, and must now make up the difference.

Instead, Blair is asking for more money. He said if the budget is frozen, it will result in the layoff of 137 front line cops and 52 civilian workers.

The proposed increase will bring the police budget to $949 million.

The police budget, the largest budget within the City of Toronto, still needs approval from city hall.

Click here to read Blair’s report to the board.