Premier Dalton McGuinty and federal Minister Peter Van Loan were on hand as Google Canada unveiled its new Toronto headquarters at 111 Richmond Street West on Tuesday.

The heritage building is a virtual playground, with ping pong, foosball, a music jam space, and gym.

There’s even a roof top terrace complete with a few holes of mini putt.

“Google’s workplace environments are a critical part of our culture, crafted in ways that encourage collaboration and creativity while promoting happier and healthier Canooglers (Canadian Googlers),” Google Canada Managing Director Chris On’Neill wrote on the company’s official blog.

The office is also environmentally friendly.

“The carpeting is made from recycled fishing line pulled from the ocean floor, and one of several micro-kitchens includes a partition wall crafted from orphaned bicycle parts recovered from all over the city,” O’Neill explained.

Google Canada also has offices in Kitchener-Waterloo, Montreal, Ottawa.