As Toronto police continue to appeal to the public to come forward with information on the city’s worst mass shooting, local NDP MP Olivia Chow is calling on the federal government to further protect those who provide information on crimes.

“The Conservatives love to talk tough on crime, but often neglect to take practical steps that lead to a reduction of crime,” she said in a statement. “With an enhanced witness protection program, police services will be better equipped to find, charge and convict more criminals.”

A man is facing two first-degree murder charges and a slew of other counts related to the July 16 shootout at a community barbecue on Danzig Street, an event that police claim was taken over by local gangs the Malvern Crew and Galloway Boys. Authorities are appealing for more tips on the case, but they believe fear of violent retaliation is keeping some people silent.

“We want to make sure that the people of the Galloway neighbourhood and the Malvern neighbourhood, and of all those vulnerable neighbourhoods across the city know of our commitment to them, to keep them safe, to hold to account those who would victimize them,” Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said Thursday.

On Friday, Chow called on the Conservative government to beef up the witness protection program.

She also wants the government to make changes to immigration policy to allow witnesses to a crime to remain in Canada until an investigation concludes. She says “deporting witnesses is counterproductive.”