Two Liberal MPPs from the GTA resigned from cabinet on Friday, clearing the path for a run at the party leadership.

Toronto’s Eric Hoskins and Mississauga South representative Charles Sousa were both cabinet ministers.

Hoskins, who served as Ontario’s minister of children and youth services, said in a statement he wants to be a part of the party’s renewal.

“In the weeks and months ahead, I look forward to the renewal that our party will undergo. I want to be a part of that renewal,” he said.

“I will be announcing additional details at a news conference early next week.”

Sousa said his was “honour and privilege” to serve in Premier Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet.  Sousa was minister of citizenship and immigration, a position previously held by Hoskins.

“As we embark in our party’s renewal process, I hope to continue to serve Ontarians in the spirit of passion and integrity the Premier has exemplified during his time in office,” Sousa said.

McGuinty stepped down as party leader on Oct. 15, the same day he prorogued the legislature. The Liberals were facing a second contempt motion over the two cancelled power plants that cost taxpayers at least $230 million.

Three other Liberals have announced they will be seeking party leadership. Former cabinet minister Sandra Pupatello and Toronto MPPs Kathleen Wynne and Glen Murray have thrown their hats into the ring.