Nearly four months after the worst mass shooting in Toronto history, an alleged gang member now faces murder charges and police are looking for two “persons of interests” who may have played a role or know something key about the deadly Danzig attack this summer.

Shaquan “Bam Bam” Mesquito, 18, faces a total of 27 charges, including two counts of first-degree murder, Toronto Police said during a news conference Thursday.

“This is a very significant development but we’re not done by a long shot,” Chief Bill Blair said, adding more arrests are “inevitable.”

“This crime victimized an entire community and, quite frankly, an entire city.”

Mesquito, who was already in custody, appeared in court on Wednesday where he was charged with one count of attempted murder, reckless discharge of a firearm, and 23 counts of aggravated assault.

He’ll next appear in court on Dec. 12.

Meanwhile, investigators also said they are still looking for two “persons of interest” in the shooting. The men are described as black and in their early 20s. The man described as person of interest #2 has a noticeable scar under his left eye. It is unclear at this point if they were involved or witnessed the shootings. See their photos above.

They are still looking to speak with anyone who was at the barbecue and has not yet come forward.

“This investigation is far from over,” Staff Insp. Greg McLane said.

“We need assistance with the identification of individuals checking people for guns prior to them being allowed access to the barbecue who were responsible for turning away the Malvern crew member initially,” he later added.

Shyanne Charles, 14, of Scarborough, and Joshua Yasay, 23, of Ajax, were killed in the Danzig shooting. Police described them both as innocent bystanders.

Twenty-three others, including a toddler, were wounded.

The shooting on July 16 was sparked when members of the Galloway Boys gang “took ownership” of the outdoor neighbourhood barbecue, and prevented a member of rival gang the Malvern Crew from entering, police said at the news conference.

“It’s alleged that the Malvern crew member left the barbecue, called a number of his associate gang members and returned to the barbecue to confront the Galloway Boys to seek revenge,” McLane said.

This resulted in a violent confrontation between the two gangs, with a number of firearms involved. Police are also looking to identify members of the Malvern Crew.

Mesquito is allegedly a member of the Malvern Crew.

Blair noted Mesquito was in custody days after the shooting. He was charged for uttering threats on July 27.

“The strength of the gangs has diminished as a result of the events that took place on July 16 and the investigation that has taken place since,” Blair said.

“We have significantly degraded their ability to carry weapons and engage in violent behaviour.”

Alleged Galloway Boy Nahom “Gifted” Tsegazab, 19, is also charged in connection to the shooting. He was charged with reckless discharge of a firearm days after the fatal shootout.

Police said they were investigating a link between the Danzig shooting and a shooting on Chester Le Boulevard a month and a half later.

A 17-year-old boy who was wounded at the barbecue was shot a second time on Sept. 2.

A 16-year-old Toronto boy was arrested and charged with nine firearm-related offences and several other charges, including attempted murder, in connection with the Chester Le shooting.

The name of the boys cannot be released under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Police have linked the Galloway Boys gang to the Danzig Street murders, the murder of D’Mitre Barnaby, and several other shootings in Scarborough.

Police say gang members from Galloway and Malvern have been “at odds” for years and the two groups aren’t supposed to venture into the other’s territory.

Fear of retaliation from the Galloway Boys gang, known for its “propensity for violence … and willingness to seek revenge,” is apparently behind the silence from witnesses, police said.

Barnaby, 24, was gunned down in a parking lot on Lawrence Avenue East, near Orton Park Road, on Dec. 30, 2011, in a case of mistaken identity.

Two Galloway Boys members, described by police as “new generation” vying for leadership roles in the gang, ambushed and shot Barnaby, mistakenly thinking he was a member of a rival group called the Orton Park Boys.

With files from Shawne McKeown