Labour leaders will be at city hall on Wednesday calling on councillors to take action to preserve union jobs in the GTA with the Christie’s cookie plant on Lake Shore Boulevard set to close.

John Cartwright, president of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, and workers affected by the Christie’s closure will be speaking at city hall at 12:45 p.m.

The 5,945-square-metre Mr. Christie’s cookie plant at Lake Shore and Park Lawn Road will close in 2013, throwing 550 people out of work. Owner Mondelez Canada said aging infrastructure and residential development were behind the decision.

“This is a difficult decision, given the role this facility has played within our organization and in the community for 64 years,” said Alvaro Cuba, vice-president of operations for Mondelez Canada in a statement last week.

“However, the plant faces some unique challenges resulting from the changing neighbourhood surrounding the facility.”

City councillor Peter Milczyn is urging Mondelez to relocate affected workers to other Toronto facilities and wants the Christie’s plant site to remain zoned as employment lands.

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