Canadians have been worried since American border officials stopped a shipment of E. coli-contaminated beef from Alberta’s XL Foods on Sept. 4.

The XL plant, which is the second-largest beef packer in the country processing more than one-third of Canada’s beef, has been closed since Sept. 27 but could reopen this week if it passes an evaluation by federal food inspectors.

The Public Health Agency of Canada says 15 people have become ill in four provinces from a strain of E. coli linked to beef from the meat packer.

We asked if the beef scare has changed your eating habits.

OntariofanNKOTB said no. “I just got lucky with the beef.”

BB6886 tweeted, “All of [the] sudden the vegan way seems to be the heartier choice.”

Fabulos1 said, “Looks like I will be buying more and more organic meat.”

Improveurargument said: “They need to get back to feeding animals REAL food. No additives, hormones or any junk. Just real, homegrown food that they are meant to eat. Then raise the prices of meat because demand will be high and product will be short. But I don’t care, quality over quantity…”

Em said: “Maybe it’s time to stop eating this crap. I have friends who buy a quarter or half cow at a time from a local farmer they trust… may be the better route.”

Painter posted, “Why don’t people just stop eating this stuff? Scientists think adding yes another chemical to the mix will magicaly [sic] fix.”

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