A federal MP is calling for a national anti-bullying strategy in the wake of Amanda Todd’s death.

The Port Coquitlam, B.C., teen apparently took her own life on Wednesday, after enduring endless bullying that she highlighted in a YouTube video weeks before she died.

A motion by NDP MP Dany Morin is being debated Monday and proposes a special 12-member committee to develop a national bullying prevention strategy.

Bullying seems to touch everyone to varying degrees at one time or another. Morin said he was the victim of verbal and physical bullying when he was young. Globe and Mail reporter Carly Weeks wrote in Monday’s paper about being victimized by her classmates and that the bullying was overlooked by her teacher. And who could forget 11-year-old Mitchell Wilson of Pickering, who had muscular dystrophy and suffocated himself with a plastic bag to escape his tormentors last year.

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