Solving Toronto’s transportation woes is once again at the forefront with the city set to hold public consultations on funding expansion and a transit advocacy group pushing for accelerated movement on a cohesive system to connect the GTA.

According to the provincial transit agency Metrolinx, traffic congestion drains about $6 billion from the local economy and that figure is set to nearly triple in the next 20 years if no action is taken.

Residents are also losing precious time getting to and from work with the average commute time now pegged at about 80 minutes — one of the worst on the continent.

On Oct. 10, CivicAction launched the “What would you do with 32?” campaign. The group says commuters would save 32 minutes if the Metrolinx Big Move plan is implemented within 25 years.

So what do you think we need to do to move people and goods around the GTA in a more efficient way? Have you visited any cities whose model we should follow? If you took pictures of their system, send them in!

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