About 2,000 members of the Muslim community protested outside the United States Consulate in downtown Toronto, Saturday.

They gathered on University Avenue to protest the film Innocence of Muslims, which they say is anti-Muslim.

The film, which was was posted to the Internet, portrays the prophet Muhammad as a womanizer and a fraud.

“The honour of our prophet is one of the fundamental articles of our faith and so it is an assault on our fundamental belief. We simply cannot accept the excuse that there is freedom of speech because freedom of hate speech cannot be construed as freedom of speech,” rally organizer Zafar Bangash told CityNews.

The film has spawned a rash of anti-American violence around the world.  The protest on outside the U.S. Consulate has remained peaceful so far.

The protest was organized by the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada. They have invited people of all faiths to join in their protest.

Two Canadian activists say they fear for their lives after being wrongly connected with the film.

Nader Fawzy, one of two Canadians named in Egyptian warrants in connection with the film, says he doesn’t feel safe and is worried someone will try to kill him or his children.

With files from The Canadian Press