Citytv is marking its 40th anniversary, and we asked you to help us celebrate by sharing your most memorable moments of the station over the years.

Some of you miss the voice of Mark Dailey, who died in December 2010, while others reminisced about Late Great Movies, Friday nights with Electric Circus and on-air personalities such as Harold Hosein and Jojo Chintoh.

Many of you reached out to us on social media, while others emailed or used our mobile iPhone and iPad apps to respond.

Bridgette Grant said she loved to tune in to watch Dailey.

“His commentary on criminals (‘Some moron …’) or movies (‘Well, it’s not our best, but it’s what we’re showing tonight’) always made me laugh,” she wrote. “His wit and obvious desire for Toronto and its news made him a fixture for Citytv. I miss seeing him every evening on the news.”

Jacob Rens said his favourite memory was when Citytv used to air Star Trek: The Next Generation and that we declared the station “your federation station.”

“For the series finale, you rented out the Skydome to show it to a crowd of over 10,000. I managed to score tickets. It was an amazing night. I still have the T-shirt that was given out.”

KOATV grew up on Citytv and favourite programs included Sounds of Asia, which was hosted by the late Lali Vij.

“He certainly made the community proud with the many great celebrities from the music, film and political world not only from the South Asian community but also locally as well,” KOATV wrote. “To this day, despite the great size of Canada’s South Asian Media… not one program or producer has been able to equal the greatness, passion and commitment of Mr. Vij & Sounds Of Asia.”

Eight years ago, Noreen Barrie and her husband happened to meet Cynthia Mulligan outside Toronto General Hospital, and she invited them for a tour of the station.

“We were always fans and now I still watch Citytv every day and night,” she wrote. “Thanks to a great station. Congratulations!”

Here’s what some of you have shared so far on Twitter.


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