Several students at a Brampton high school skipped class Monday morning to attend a protest over cancelled extracurricular activities amid a provincial teachers labour dispute.

Students at Bramalea Secondary School in Brampton are protesting the fallout from Bill 115 — a piece of legislation that imposes a contract on the province’s teachers that freezes wages, halves sick days and bans lockouts and strikes.

They fear the dispute between teachers and the provincial government could be a longstanding one, and are upset over the loss of sports activities at the school that prides itself on athletics. They also fear their prom may not happen.

The students also said they support their teachers.

After Bill 115 passed Sept. 11, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) called on members to withdraw for one day from voluntary extracurricular activities, including coaching sports and leading clubs, because of the imposed two-year contract. Since then, some schools have cancelled extracurricular activities for the entire year.

The OSSTF and the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) plan to challenge the legislation in court.

The ETFO has also urged its 76,000 members not to attend school meetings on so-called “McGuinty Mondays.”

The OSSTF on Monday said it’s not urging teachers to stay away from extracurricular activities and said it’s up to individual teachers as to what action they take.

Last Friday, students protested against the legislation on the front lawn of Woodbridge College high school in Vaughan after extracurricular activities were cancelled there. And before that, after-school programs were cancelled at Stephen Lewis Secondary School, also in Vaughan.