A Ugandan woman who has lived in Toronto for the last eight years will find out on Thursday whether she will be allowed to stay.

A federal court judge will decide if Leatitia Nanziri should be deported back to her homeland despite her claims that she is gay and that her sexuality could endanger her life there.

The judge was clear during Wednesday’s closing arguments that he will not focus on Nanziri’s sexuality in his ruling but rather on her children’s well-being.

Click on the video link to watch her story.

UPDATE:  On Aug. 2, Mr. Justice Barnes issued a ruling in Leatitia’s case “staying” the deportation order. It means she and her two children will not have to leave Canada on Aug. 4 as originally ordered.

Her lawyer has been given 6 months to prepare a new refugee claim based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. 

The Judge also criticized the previous deportation order saying little consideration was taken of the “dire” situation the Canadian born children would face in Uganda.