Students and staff at Saltfleet District High School in Hamilton are dealing with a double tragedy after two 16-year-old students apparently committed suicide together on the weekend.

Alex McCormack and Irn Turner Mace were found dead early Saturday after jumping or falling from an overpass.

Grief counsellors were at the school Monday, offering help to students and staff who were having a tough time with the boys’ deaths.

“We have a crisis response team in here working with staff, working with the students, helping to deal with their emotions and providing counselling to students, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Supt. Manny Figueiredo told CityNews.

There have now been four deaths involving students from Saltfleet this school year, he said. A female student committed suicide and another female student died of her medical conditions, he said.

“So, yes, it’s been a difficult time for the student population and community,” Figueiredo said.

Several close friends told CityNews they got messages from the boys before the died.

“I got a Facebook [message] from one of them and it was kinda disturbing,” Dakota Beamer said. “They sounded very sad.”

Carmen Santino also received a message from them.

“It was vague, it sounded like a goodbye, but it didn’t at the same time,” he said.

Students said the boys were well-liked, weren’t bullied and appeared to always be in a good mood.

“The temptation is to make it simple to say, ‘Oh bullying leads to suicide’ and that’s the easy answer,” said Dr. Claire Crooks of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. “In a lot of cases, there’s many, many contributors and bullying may be a part of it. But mental health challenges are a lot more complicated than that.”

Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit was also investigating the boys’ deaths.

At about 5:30 a.m. Saturday, an off-duty police officer reported seeing the two boys on the Jolley Cut overpass.

According to the Hamilton Spectator, he told the boys they were in a dangerous area and called the dispatcher to report what he had seen.

Shortly afterward, the boys were found dead on the roadway of the Clairmont Access beneath the Jolley Cut overpass, the SIU said.

The SIU said four investigators and two forensic investigators were assigned to probe the incident.