A 90-year-old man has won three cars, including a Corvette, in the Canadian Cancer Society Lottery.

Scarborough resident Allen Cawfield also collected two Lincolns and a cash prize of $10,000.  

Cawfield, a retired minister, said he never bought any type of lottery ticket before.  

He and his wife Sandra have decided to forgo the cars, opting to collect the money instead – but the lottery manger will still let Cawfield take a spin in the Corvette.

He will receive his cheque – a total of $166,240 – on June 11.

Cawfield won the 2012 Corvette in the daily car prize draw on April 21 and then won two 2012 Lincolns (MKX and MKZ Hybrid) plus $10,000 in cash in the grand prize draw that took place on May 7.