It’s not easy to make it in Hollywood — any actor will tell you that.  But for wannabe animal star Vito Vincent, the task may be even harder.  That’s why the orange tabby hits the streets of Beverly Hills, hoping his calm demeanor and cute looks will catch a casting agent’s eye.

Vito and his owner, Michael LeCrichia, moved to Los Angeles nearly a year ago, after finding some success in New York.  There, Vito had landed roles in 30 Rock, The Colbert Report, and various commercials, but LeCrichia said they had to take a chance on Hollywood if they were going to make it big.

“I knew that since he was a working actor in New York, if he wanted to try and make it in movies, we might have a better opportunity to make it into a movie in Los Angeles, in Hollywood.  So we ventured out here in May of last year,” said LeCrichia.

But Vito has had a hard time breaking in — mostly due to the Hollywood wrangling agencies that have monopolized animal casting for decades.

So working as a free agent, Vito and LeCrichia take to the posh streets of Beverly Hills hoping to be discovered, but if nothing else, at least putting a smile on the faces of shoppers.

“It’s just amazing seeing all the smiles and the reactions, especially when he’s walking on a leash because they’re like, ‘a cat on a leash?’ and they have to take a double take half the time.  It’s so funny.”

And shoppers stopped in their tracks for a little kitty meet and greet, shaking paws with the celebrity hopeful.

“A cat on Rodeo Drive, I was surprised.  Most cats are pretty aloof and so he’s a very friendly and chatty little guy here,” said Michelle Klein.

Another shopper Lyn Winter was impressed with Vito as well.

“I think it’s very Los Angeles and I’m not from here, but I would like to have my cats walking down Rodeo Drive.”

So like so many of his human actor counterparts, Vito will keep paying his dues, entertaining the public on the sidewalk, until Hollywood comes calling.