NDP Leader Andrea Horwath wants Ontarians earning more than $500,000 a year to pay more taxes, specifically an extra two percentage points.

It was the first in a series of proposals she’s making in exchange for the party’s support of the 2012 provincial budget. The Liberal minority government needs the support of at least two Opposition members for the budget to pass.

Horwath said Tuesday her proposal would bring in about $570 million a year, which would be enough to help pay for removing the HST from home-heating bills and protect 4,000 daycare spaces.

“The budget is unfair and that’s what we’re hearing from everybody,” she told CityNews. The proposal “is not outrageous. It’s actually quite fair and that’s what we’re looking to do: create some fairness.”

Other recommendations will be unveiled over the coming days, she said, adding that she wanted to give the Liberals and the public a chance to think about the idea.

“If we put everything on the table all at once, you don’t get that thoughtfulness. You don’t get that reflectiveness,” she said.

Finance minister Dwight Duncan said Tuesday the two sides are talking and that it was going well.

Premier Dalton McGuinty said any new ideas to improve the budget need to be offset with new revenue.

Last week, the McGuinty government unveiled its 2012 budget which called for spending cuts of $17.7 billion over three years to eliminate a $15.3 billion budget shortfall by 2017-18.

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has repeatedly said his party won’t vote for it.

Horwath has said she’d need to consult with her party and the public before making a decision. On Tuesday, she said she’d wait to see the final package before deciding.