In celebration of International Women’s Day and to celebrate her Stronger tour, KiSS 92.5 host and iVillage Canada blogger Taylor Kaye chatted with Kelly Clarkson about what the day means to her and why she cries, all the time. Read on for what transpired.

Taylor Kaye: What do you do to blow off steam?
Kelly Clarkson: Cry. I am the biggest crybaby. I will cry at Kodak commercials, at galleries, at songs, just if I’m having a bad girl day. I’m such a girl. But I’ll get over it within, like, 20 minutes, but I’ll just get my cry on.

TK: I usually cry when I say sorry to someone. When was the last time you said sorry to someone?
KC: I hurt one of my friend’s feelings.  I said something funny, like I was supposed to be joking, and she took it to heart and I felt horrible about it.

Did you cry about it?
KC: No.  She did, which made me feel horrible, and I was like, “What?” It’s like, one of those things that’s not even something mean. It’s just something that she was sensitive at that moment about and I didn’t really put that in perspective of like, “Oh, maybe right now in her life, that’s not funny,” you know. But she cried.
TK: What do you always bring with you on tour?
KC: I travel with my dogs. They’re my babies. I have two dogs that I travel with. Security is a little Maltese and Joplin is a miniature Labradoodle. They’re my boyfriends.
TK: Now, International Women’s Day — should we be on top of buildings all, “Woo! It’s International Women’s Day!”?
KC: Woo, burn our bras! No, I just think it’s nice to celebrate anyone, so to have a day, that’s awesome. And it’s a nice little reminder to remember your sister, your mom, your cousin, anybody that’s been a woman in your life that’s done good by you, that helped you out, that inspired you. So I think that’s nothing but good.
TK: You’re doing some mentoring on The Voice, how did they approach you? Was it like, “I was on Idol. Let’s try something new”?
KC: No, I’m friends with Blake and we have the same manager as well. I’m a huge fan of the show. I love any kind of singing show and just to be able to give somebody advice — I had nobody giving me advice. I was the first one from our show, so just to be able to give that to someone and some perspective, I would’ve really appreciated that. That’s what my hope and goal was to do with people on that show and I love the show. It’s a fun concept.
TK: Who do you consider some of your mentors? Who do you look up to?
KC: Reba [McEntire]. Annie Lennox. I was a huge Rosemary Clooney fan. I loved her. I like a lot of the big vocalists, very confident, very powerful role models.

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