Rogers unveiled its latest PVR system on Friday, the NextBox 2.0, which allows users to stream live and recorded shows from any room in the home.

With the NextBox 2.0, viewers can watch multiple televisions from one personal video recorder. Recorded television can be watched from any room in the house, and over 20 channels can be streamed live to tablet devices.

“Canadians are increasingly looking for seamless, easy-to-use and flexible ways to fit all their favourite entertainment into their busy schedules,” Rogers Communications executive vice-president John Boynton said Friday.

NextBox 2.0 “gives our customers complete control over where, when and how they view their favourite shows and live programming.”

Rogers said Friday that more tailored cable and internet packages would be offered with the NextBox 2.0.

Rogers also announced that their On Demand Online service has a new name: Rogers Anyplace TV.

Rogers Communications Inc. owns Citytv.