The Toronto man accused of firing a gun inside a York University residence is a first-year law student, according to Toronto Police.

Andrew MacDonald, 35, appeared in court Thursday on 10 charges, including mischief, attempt break and enter, possession of burglar’s tools and a number of weapons offences.

Officers also seized a 12-gauge Remington 870 shotgun during MacDonald’s arrest on Wednesday.

It’s alleged MacDonald fired a shot through a residence room door early Saturday morning.

The woman who lives in the room, a 31-year-old grad student, has no connection to MacDonald, police said at a news conference Thursday. She was in her room at the time the gun was fired, but wasn’t hurt.

“It is deeply concerning to all of us that the suspect, a member of our student community, has so seriously compromised the safety of everyone at York,” said York vice-president Gary Brewer.

“York is a community of nearly 60,000 people, a small city, and we face all the same issues as society at large. Unfortunately, incidents happen.”

Police said some of MacDonald’s charges stemmed from previous incidents at the same victim’s door.