Who could ask for a better Father’s day present! J.J. Abrams’ movie Super 8 is #1 in Canada! The movie was released last weekend and I caught up with J.J. this week to chat.

We talked about the movie, which he wrote and directed, plus I had to talk about him being a father of three!!! He talked about how it helped on set with the kids as this was the first time he’d worked with such a large cast of children.

Find out what J.J. really wants for Father’s Day. And no, it’s not a macaroni cup to hold pencils in!
Q: Is having three kids the new two?
A: Three is the greatest thing ever because you can’t imagine three. You think, “Oh my God, two…that’s it.” Then you have three and the third ends up being the glue for the whole family.
Q: So let’s talk about the hype around Super 8.
A: The idea behind Super 8 isn’t really secretive at all. The idea was to preserve the fun and the surprise for the audience. I mean, there’s nothing more annoying than going and seeing a trailer or seeing the commercials and feeling like you’ve seen the whole movie.

Super 8 is about a bunch of kids in the late 70s making a movie, a Super 8 film, and they’re making a zombie movie which they think is really scary, but then something actually scary happens. A train crashes; something escapes from the train that starts to affect them and the whole town. It’s a little bit of a monster movie, but it’s mostly a movie about first love – when the opposite sex starts to have a different meaning. It’s about friendship, it’s about parents and children, it very much has a big heart and I think it’s ultimately very sweet.
Q: How difficult was it for you and your team to cast the right kids? Was it a long casting process?
A: No, it took forever to actually find these right young actors but I got to tell you, we lucked out in a huge way. This cast is awesome. All of them are great. Working with these kids, which I’ve never done before, with young actors, it was kind of a leap of faith for all of us because no one really knew what was going to happen when we got to the set, and thank God they were awesome.
Q: How important is it to have the right soundtrack to your movie?
A: It’s a huge, huge piece of it. Michael Giacchino, who did our score, is a genius. He won an Academy Award for Up!, he did Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Star Trek with me and all the TV shows I do, he’s just an amazing composer. But because the movie is set in 1979, we needed to have songs, and we wanted to make sure the songs were of the era and felt great but didn’t feel like we were doing sort of a greatest hits of the 70s, and that was a little bit of a challenge.
Q: We know Father’s Day is coming up. You’re a dad of three, do you got any plans?
A: All I want to do on Father’s Day is be with my family. Working on Super 8, there’s been a lot of travel and promotion stuff and a lot of long hours, so honestly all I want to do is spend Father’s Day with my kids and my wife.

Q: And sleep.
A: And by the way, yes, when I say, “spend time,” I mean unconscious. I want to be in the same house but I definitely want to be sleeping the entire day.
Q: Any gifts that you remember from the past that your kids have given you that were memorable?
A: The greatest thing is when the kids are really young, you know, and you get these ridiculous things that they make in school? It’s like a stick in a cup of dirt and you’re like, “What the…?” Those are always the greatest because they’re preposterous and they’re the things you sort of keep forever.

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