An electrical fire has forced 200 people from their homes and it’s still not clear when they’ll be able to return. 

The three-alarm blaze began at 80 Cosburn Ave., near Pape Avenue, around 11:20pm on Tuesday. Hydro to the 17-storey building had to be cut before crews could deal with the fire.

“What we’ve had is a fire within the electrical system, within the panels that run every floor,” Toronto Fire division commander Lorne Buckingham said.

“They could be out a few days,” he added.

Residents took temporary shelter on TTC buses and some were then moved to a community centre.  Others stayed with friends and relatives.

No serious injuries were reported, but several tenants and firefighters were treated for minor smoke inhalation.

In the meantime, some residents are frustrated that they can’t get back into their apartments to retrieve important belongings. 

“My father needs some medication and they said, ‘well you can go the pharmacy and buy some medication if you desperately need it.’  It’s not acceptable,” said Tommy Vrantsis.

“It’s just frustration,” he adds.  “There’s no real clear detail on what’s going on exactly.”