Canada’s tallest condominium is going up at College Park.

The builders at Canderel Stoneridge claim that Aura will eventually reach 75 storeys, but for now, it’s just a pit.

Mayor David Miller and City Councillor Kyle Rae showed up for the groundbreaking ceremony on Friday.

“Toronto has one of the most livable urban cores of any large urban centre in the world and this project is a testament to that,” Miller said in a statement.

“I’d like to thank Canderel Stoneridge for their vote of confidence in our downtown and their efforts to keep it alive and vibrant.”

Sales at the tower, pictured above, began in 2008, but were hampered by a crumbling economy.

“The recession of 2008 created a challenging financial environment,” Jonathan Wener, Chair of Canderel Stoneridge, admitted.

“But  the project’s strong sales figures to that point, its signature location, iconic architecture and our firm’s history of developing large residential and commercial developments successfully – for more than three decades – allowed us to move the project forward,” he continued.

There are plans to have retail space on the ground floor. It won’t be complete for another four years.