An elderly Alzheimer’s sufferer has his neighbour to thank for spotting him partway down the Scarborough Bluffs after a serious tumble.

The victim had been out walking Tuesday night when he lost his footing and fell down the cliff. The next morning, his neighbour, David Chipperfield heard his cries for help.

“I came out and had a look and halfway down the hill appeared to be a bundle of clothing. But then I saw an arm move and realized somebody was in trouble,” said Chipperfield.

“At 90 years of age, I wouldn’t want to fall down there myself.”

Firefighters and police arrived at the scene around 9:30am. They cut down a tree and used heavy rope to pull him out.

“It was a pretty difficult rescue given the grade of the slope here. Everything is loose gravel and a lot of shrubs in the way,” said Const. Todd Parker of Toronto Police.

Crews transported the man to Sunnybrook hospital for treatment. He is expected to be okay.

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