A first date ended in tragedy for an American woman after she plunged to her death while apparently ‘ghost hunting’ at the University of Toronto’s Knox College.

The 29-year-old victim and her date, whom she met online, broke into the building at 1 Spadina Cres., through a window, eventually making their way to the roof. 

Once on the roof, the two apparently tried to traverse over a void in the structure.  The male managed to jump over, but the woman stepped onto a mesh wire used to prevent bird entry, and fell to her death.

The incident took place around 2am, and alcohol is believed to be a factor.

“For unknown reasons, they decided to go into the building,” outlined Cst. Tony Vella of Toronto Police.

“They were on the rooftop and she fell through a guided wire into the courtyard, causing her death.”

Police are calling it a death by misadventure and have decided to withhold the victim’s identity until her family is notified.

The man who was with her is not a suspect and it’s not believed he’ll face any charges although an investigation is ongoing.

Some believe the building, which was built in 1875, is cursed.

“There is rumour of a curse,” admits Robin Bellamy, Paranormal Studies & Investigations Canada.  “We believe it was started by some of these college students here.  It seemed to have started after the professor was killed, and as long as his murder goes unsolved there’s going to be this rumour of a curse,” she said. 

She was referring to the stabbing death of Art lecturer David Buller, who was found dead in his officer in January, 2001.