You may remember a slogan Burger King used a few years ago that tells you to ‘have it your way.’

That’s just what employee Timothy Tackett (left)decided to do this week and it cost him his job at a local outlet in Xenia, Ohio, not far from Dayton.

And while 99.9 per cent of all fast food outlets strictly enforce cleanliness rules and regulations, this incident may make you wonder about what’s really going on behind the scenes at your favourite local chain.

The 25-year-old was at work and decided to celebrate his birthday in a bizarre way. So he filled up one of the large restaurant sinks with water, added some soap suds, undressed, got in and took a bath, while unaware customers blithely ate their burgers and fries out front.

It might have ended there. But Tackett, who goes by the somewhat appropriate moniker of “Mr. Unstable,” decided to tape the entire soaking and put it up on MySpace and YouTube. 

The Internet being what it is, it didn’t take long for the evidence to be discovered by startled and amused viewers and word quickly got back to the head office of the corporation in Miami.

Tackett and two other employees said to be involved in the stupid stunt were immediately let go, while a fourth quit.

The sink is supposed to be used to clean large pieces of equipment used in the restaurant and health authorities admit bacteria or viruses on Tackett’s skin could have caused problems. But no customers have reported any illnesses.

Everything has since been cleaned and sterilized and any utensils involved discarded.

Tackett doesn’t regret his impromptu bath, just the ring his squeaky clean adventure left behind. He’s coming clean about the fallout.

“It’s the other people who have been affected by this,” he admits. “I made my own bed so I’m going to have to lie in it. But anybody else’s lives that are personally affected, I really regret that. That’s not what was the intention. This, it was something that I set out light-heated and funny, turned into bad.”

It’s not clear what “Mr. Unstable” plans to do next, but he shouldn’t expect a letter of recommendation from the King.

The video is just over three minutes long and features terrible audio. But if you’re curious to see it, click here.