A man who fell three storeys into a coal chute at the Hearn Generating Station on Unwin Ave. Sunday has died. The unidentified man was with a friend when the pair bypassed security and got into the restricted facility on the weekend, apparently to take what cops are terming “artistic photographs” of the interior of the-soon-to-be demolished building.

The victim ventured out onto one of the catwalks to get a better angle when disaster struck – he lost his balance and took the terrifying tumble.

His friend immediately called for help, but it was no easy rescue.

The man was trapped inside the cavernous hole for three long hours, painfully pinned by a piece of metal that wound up lodged on top of him. “He fell on top of the steel plate and while he was trying to get himself out or move around he ended up sliding underneath and getting pinned,” Toronto Fire Dist. Chief Paul Halls reported at the scene.

It took crews a while to reach him and gingerly lift him out, realizing he’d suffered serious internal injuries.

But how serious wasn’t clear until doctors treated him in hospital. And despite their best efforts, he succumbed there on Tuesday. His name hasn’t been released but his family has been notified.

The Ministry of Labour and Police are both still probing what happened.