A Sunday rescue operation took several hours before crews could reach a man who fell three storeys into a coal chute on Unwin Avenue near Cherry Street just after 4pm.

Emergency crews used thermal imaging cameras to find the individual at Hearn Power Station – who fell off of a conveyor belt and into a coal hopper.

Toronto Fire reported the man was conscious and breathing when he was finally removed from the chute, though his condition had deteriorated to serious.

It was initially believed the man was a worker, though later reports suggested he was among a group that pushed their way through onto the site.

“This was not a worker that fell, we had one security guard on site and we had some trespassers get by him into the building,” said Toronto Fire Dist. Chief Paul Halls. “They were sightseers or thrill seekers and the person tripped and fell through a large hole.

The man was trapped for the better part of three hours, a situation worsened by a steel plate which the man found himself trapped beneath.

“He fell on top of the steel plate and while he was trying to get himself out or move around he ended up sliding underneath and getting pinned,” Halls continued.

“He’s taken a large fall so he’s got multiple internal injuries.”