An old nightmare has returned to haunt a place that has barely exorcised the ghosts of some old crimes. Toronto Police are probing a report of a rape on the campus of York University. It supposedly took place last Friday but the report only emerged this week.

The attack is said to have happened at Founders College on the Keele campus where at 20-year-old female was rushed in the stairwell just after 8pm.

It’s a terrible déjà vu for the women who attend the school and call the campus home. In September, two men were arrested and charged in a string of attacks on students in the area. The crimes set off a wave of fear on the campus that had just started to die down.

York University had already planned to beef up campus security just two days after this latest assault, bringing on 22 new residence watch officers.

“We’re also right in the midst of installing a much more enhanced closed-circuit television system throughout the residence area,” said York spokesperson Alex Bilyk.

Still, the measures may have come too late for at least one student.

There’s no word on how many suspects police are seeking in this case or whether they are students and live on campus. It’s also not clear how any intruder may have infiltrated the residence in question.