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Money Beats Vacations For Cdn. Job Hunters

The summer is almost gone and hopefully, you’ve had a chance to get at least a week off work while the weather’s good. Or did you decide to forego that opportunity and take the money instead? If you did, you’re far from alone.

A new survey shows that when it comes to finding a job, it’s all about the dash for cash and not the grip for a trip. The survey by Sympatico/MSN shows a vacation is the last thing most job seekers look for when they work out the conditions for employment.

Nearly half say cold hard cash is their number one priority, while others list a central location to cut down on travel time and decent hours as their ‘deal breakers’. Vacations were chosen as a priority by only two per cent of those asked.

Which is somewhat surprising, because the same survey indicates most of us really need the break. Nearly 61 per cent wish they could work fewer hours and nearly half that number suffer from burnout because of the amount of time they work. Yet even those who have days off don’t take it all.

“Canadians are feeling burned out,” said MSN project manager Stephanie McGrath. “They work too much, they’re having trouble balancing their home and work life.”

 A story we brought you last month shows a growing majority of people either don’t take their holidays or bank them – and then run out of time to actually make use of them.

As corporations put the squeeze on hirings to maximize profits, many experts are openly wondering about what all that pressure is doing to people. They believe getting away from it all makes workers and bosses more efficient. And that not leaving it all behind is a sure way to start hating your job, winding up taking more sick time or simply becoming a lot less competent at what you do.

Interestingly though, in spite of it all, 78 per cent of respondents said above all they want like their jobs and their bosses.

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Survey Highlights

To view the entire survey, click here.

Most Important Job Considerations

Salary: 39%
Good location: 13%
Flexible hours: 10%
Rewards/perks: 3%
Vacation time: 2%

Pressure Points

Difficult to balance work and family time: 41%
Wish they could work fewer hours: 61%
Feel burned out: 38%

Overall Job Satisfaction

Like their boss: 78%
Prefer to “work to live”: 72%
Thinking of changing jobs to different field: 29%
Thinking of changing jobs in their field: 28%
Working their ‘dream jobs': 28%
Work dominates their life: 24%