“Tie Domi has committed adultery with Belinda Stronach. I believe he has been involved in an intimate sexual relationship with Belinda Stronach that may have commenced when he began working on her political campaign in 2006 …

Over the period of 2006, Tie Domi has spent numerous nights away from the matrimonial home when he told me he was in fact at the matrimonial home and our security cameras captured him leaving for the day and returning home at 12:15am …

When confronted by me about his lies about his whereabouts, Tie Domi deactivated all the security cameras for our home (and admitted to doing so because he ‘didn’t want to be watched’).”

Tie Domi admitted his adultery to me on one occasion . All he could say repeatedly was “I am so sorry Leanne.” He stated repeatedly, “Just leave Belinda out of this.”

“I believed him when he said he would never cheat or lie to me. When he cheated on the family seven years ago and had an affair, I believed him when he said he would never lie to me again …

I believed him when he said that his relationship with Belinda Stronach was nothing more than “business”. I believed him when he said that Belinda was the key to our family’s financial future. I believed him when he said he was spending so much time with Belinda Stronach because she was going to make a business deal with Magna happen for him and his friend in the steel business.”

“He told me that if I did hire a lawyer, I would “get nothing”. He told me that if I went “through lawyers”, he would show that “all we have is debt.” He has told me that I will be left with nothing if I seek the assistance of the court.”

“In 1999 …I became very distressed because Tie was spending inordinate time away from home … He left on a Friday afternoon and telephoned me saying he would never come back …

“We were apart for 18 months, had months of counselling and in the midst of that I learned he was seeing Tia Carrere, an actress. I was angry and devastated  … He said that Tia was “just a friend” and he swore he was only seeing her “as a friend.”

” …Tie moved back into the home and swore he would never lie to me or the children again.”

“Tie is completely oblivious to the effect of this media storm on his children. He has put his affair with Belinda Stronach above everything else, it seems.”

Again, this campaigning was another reason why Tie spent countless hours away from home. I thought he found a new passion for politics. I found he had a passion for something else.”  

“He has told me that he will ensure that I am eradicated from any access to money if I retain a lawyer. He has assured me that the children will be cared for but he has said that I will get absolutely nothing to care for myself.”

“Tie has been haranguing and threatening me.

He has come to the matrimonial home … and has cornered me in the bathroom, telling me that “You are now the Ex Mrs. Domi and you had better get used to not getting any more special treatment.” “No one is interested in your little sob story about me and Belinda.”  “You will get nothing.”

“…On one occasion, when my parents were at our home, he got me into the basement of the home and refused to let me go upstairs to see my parents until he was through screaming at me.”