You can buy almost anything on E-bay these days, including stolen and lost items recovered by police and the T.T.C.

Thousands of unclaimed goods are put up for auction every month.   And while the items can be as obscure as toilet seats and cases of soup, the majority come on two wheels.

“Lots and lots of bicycles,” explains Mike Hyde, owner of Rite Auctions.  They come in all the time, and they’re either stolen or they’re recovered by the Toronto police or the T.T.C.”

You can even snatch up a pair of thong underwear, unused, of course.

“They’re all brand new with tags on it because one thing with clothing, unless it’s brand new, the police don’t give it to us and we won’t sell it unless it’s brand new,” Hyde adds.  

As for bargains, you can find some real gems.   Like an 18-carat platinum ring with rubies encrusted.   It’s been certified and appraised at $2,000. The current bid: $345.

“If it’s a specific item, we will take it to whoever represents that item in Toronto and we will have it checked by them to insure it’s real,” Hyde says.  

To avoid seeing your stolen or lost items on the auctioning block, file a police report immediately. It helps if you have a serial number or photo to recover your goods.

“There is a 30-day grace period with bicycles, and all other general products are 90 days,” confirms Victor Kwong of Toronto police.

All items are up for auction for 7 days.

If you’d like to make a bid, visit