Looking for a place to get away from the summer sizzle? The city is making a splash in the heat of your season with its outdoor pools and splash pads designed to cool you and your kids off during the extended heatwave. Where’s where they are:


Outdoor Pools

Alex Duff
779 Crawford St.

Alexandra Park
275 Bathurst St.

Amesbury Outdoor Pool
 155 Culford Rd.

Amos Waites Outdoor Pool
2445 Lake Shore Blvd. W .

Blantyre Park Outdoor Pool
Fallingbrook Ave/Kingston Rd.

Broadlands CC
19 Castlegrove Blvd.

Donald D. Summerville
1675 Lakeshore Blvd. E.

Domenico DiLuca CC
25 Stanley Rd.

Driftwood CC
4401 Jane St.

Eringate Outdoor Pool
121 Wellesworth Dr.

Fairbank Outdoor Pool
50 Keywest Ave.

Fairhaven Outdoor Pool
100 Golfwood Hts.

Flagstaff Outdoor Pool
42 Mercury Rd.

Gihon Spring Outdoor Pool
75 Gihon Spring Dr.

Giovanni Caboto
1369 St. Clair Ave. W.

Glen Long CC
35 Glen Long Ave.

Gord & Irene Risk CC
2650 Finch Ave. W.

Goulding CC
45 Goulding Ave.

15 Grandravine CC
23 Grandravine Dr.

Greenwood Park
209 Alton Ave.

Halbert Park Outdoor Pool
McCowan Rd./Kingston Rd.

Heron Park Outdoor Pool
292 Manse Rd.

High Park Pool
South of Bloor in High Park

Irving W. Chapley CC
205 Wilmington Ave.

Kidstown Water Playground
3159 Birchmount Rd.

Kiwanis Pool
373 Cedarvale Ave.

Knob Hill Outdoor Pool
Brimley Rd/Eglinton Ave. E.

Lambton-Kingsway Outdoor Pool
37 Marquis Ave.

Lawrence Heights CC
5 Replin Rd.

Leaside Park Outdoor Pool
5 Leaside Dr.

Ledbury CC
146 Ledbury St.

Maryvale Outdoor Pool
Pharmacy Ave./Lawrence Ave. E.

McGregor Park Outdoor Pool
2231 Lawrence Ave. E.

Mitchell Field CC
89 Church Ave.

Monarch Park
115 Felstead Ave.

North Toronto Memorial
200 Eglinton Ave. W.

Northwood CC
15 Clubhouse Ct.

Oakdale CC
350 Grandravine Dr.

O’Connor CC
1386 Victoria Park Ave.

Oriole RC
2975 Don Mills Rd.

Ourland Outdoor Pool
Ourland Ave.

Park Lawn Outdoor Pool
340 Park Lawn Rd.

Pine Point Outdoor Pool
15 Grierson Rd.

Pleasantview CC
545 Van Horne Ave.

Regent Park
415 Gerrard St. E.

Richmond Gardens Outdoor Pool
44 Strathdee Dr

550 Broadview Ave.

Roding CC
600 Roding St.

Rotary Outdoor Pool
25-11th St.

Smithfield Outdoor Pool
175 Mount Olive Dr.

Smythe Outdoor Pool
175 Scarlett Rd.

Stanley Park
700 Wellington St.

Sunnyside-Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool
Lake Shore Blvd at Parkside

Wedgewood Outdoor Pool
17 Swan Ave.

West Deane Outdoor Pool
19 Sedgebrook Dr

West Mall Outdoor Pool
370 The West Mall

Westgrove Outdoor Pool
15 Redgrave Dr.

Westmount Outdoor Pool
22 Arcade Dr.

Weston Lions Outdoor Pool
2125 Lawrence Ave. W.

York Mills
2539 Bayview Ave.

So will your pool be staying open late for a refreshing after dark dip? The city extends its hours to 11:45pm at nine select pools when:

  • The temperature is 30C at 3 pm 
  • There’s no chance of a thunderstorm 
  • The weather has been consistently hot.

The late night pools are:

  • Monarch Park – south of Danforth Avenue, west of Coxwell Avenue
  • Regent Park – south of Gerrard Street, east of Sackville Street
  • Alex Duff – Bloor Street West, west of Christie Street
  • Alexandra Park – Bathurst Street at Dundas Street West
  • Giovanni Caboto – 1369 St. Clair Avenue West
  • Sunnyside Gus Ryder – Lake Shore Boulevard at Parkside Drive
  • McGregor Pool – 2231 Lawrence Avenue East

To find out if they’re open late, and for more information about the city’s swimming facilities, call (416) 338-POOL (7665).

To find out if one of the city’s beaches is safe for swimming, call the hotline at (416) 392-7161 or click here.

Splash Pads

Adlwych Park
Adlwych, south of Mortimer

Amesbury Park
 Lawrence & Keele

Baird Park
Keele, South of Annette

Balmoral Park
 Wilson Heights & Sheppard

Bayview Village Park
Bayview Ave & Citation Dr.

Bellbury Park
Leslie St & Van Horne Ave.

Bell Manor Park
Park Lawn & Berry

Beresford Park
Colbeck, North of Bloor W.

Bridlewood Park
Huntingwood Dr. east of Pharmacy Ave.

Chelsea Park
Between Dorval & Indian Rd.

Coronation Park
Keele & Eglinton

Corvette Park
Corvette Ave., east off Kennedy Rd, south of Eglinton Ave. E.

Dentonia Park
West of Dawes, north of Danforth

Dieppe Park
Cosburn, east of Greenwood

Dunlop Park
Dunlop Ave. east of Birchmount Rd.

Edgewood Park
Dundas St. E./E. of Coxwell Ave.

Fairfield Park
80 Lothian

Fenside Park
York Mills Rd & Victoria Park Ave.

Flemingdon Park
Grenoble Dr & Gateway Blvd.

Flemington Park
Flemington Rd & Varna Dr.

Gledhill Parkette
Gledhill Ave., south of Lumsden

Glendora Park
Glendora Ave & Willowdale Ave.

Glenmorgan Park
West of Kennedy Rd., south of Hwy 401

Goodlad Park
Kennedy Rd., south of Lawrence Ave. E.

Gracedale Park
Islington & Finch

Greystone Park
Greystone Walk Dr.

Heathrow Park
Jane & Wilson

Hendon Park
Hendon Ave & Eldora Ave.

Heron Park
South side of Lawrence Ave. E at Manse Rd., east of Morningside Rd.

Horseley Hill
Between Tapscott Rd. & Finch Ave. west of Neilson Ave.

High Park North
High Park Ave. South of Bloor W.

Highfield Park
Stevenson & Silverstone

Irving W. Chapley Park
Wilmington Ave & Sheppard Ave. W.

John Innes Splash Pad
Sherbourne/Queen St. E.

Kingsview Park
Islington & St. Andrews

Lanyard Park
Finch & Weston

Leacock Park
West of Bichmount Rd. north of Sheppard Ave.

Ledbury Park
Ledbury St & Fairlawn Ave.

McNicholl Park
Don Mills Rd & McNicholl Ave.

Milliken Park
East of McCowan Ave. south of Steeles Ave.

Neilson Park
North of Mclevin

Oakridge Park
South side of Danforth Ave., west of Danforth Rd.

Oriole Park
Don Mills Rd W & Sheppard Ave. E.

Perth Park
Perth Ave., south of Dupont

Pleasantview Park
Victoria Park Ave & Van Horne Ave.

Port Union Commons
Port Union Rd, south of Lawrence Ave. E.

Pottery Park
Merton, W. of Cleveland

Rexdale Park
Elmhurst & Drumheller

Rotary Park
11th & Lakeshore

Sandown Park
North of Kingston Rd. west of Midland Ave.

Sentinel Park
Finch Ave. W. & Keele St.

Shoreham Park
Jane St & Steeles Ave. W.

Smythe Park
175 Scarlett Rd.

Tall Pines Park
North of Kingston Rd., west of Sheppard Ave. E.

Terraview Park
Off Pharmacy Ave., south of Hwy 401

Topham Park
Tiago, N. of St. Clair Ave. E.

Weston Lions Park
Weston Rd. & Lawrence

Willowdale Park
Hollywood Ave. & Doris Ave.

Lakeshore E./Woodbine.

Wading Pools

Adams Park
West of Port Union Rd., north side of Lawson Rd.

Albert Campbell Square
Scarborough Civic Ctr., 150 Borough Dr.

Albert Crossland Parkette
Fuller Ave./N. of Queen E.


Bellevue Square
Bellevue N. of Dundas

Beresford Park
400 Beresford Ave.

Berner Trail
Berner Trail, west of Neilson Rd.

Birch Park
Lakeshore Blvd & 28th

Lakeshore Blvd & Parkside

Campbell Park
Campbell, S. of Dupont

Carlton Park
Between Edith & Franklin

Carr Street

Cawthra Park

Centennial Park
 Elmcrest & Rathburn

Charles G. Williams Park
Wright St/S of Wabush.

Christie Pits
Bloor W/Christie

Close Ave Parkette
King St W/Close Ave.

Coleman Park
Barrington, N. of Danforth

Columbus Parkette
Parkway Ave/Sorauren Ave.

David Crombie
The Esplande/Jarvis


Dufferin Grove Park
Dufferin, S. of Bloor

Donald Russell Memorial Park
 Kipling & Birmingham

Duke of York
Parliament St./David Walk

Earlscourt Park
Caledonia & St. Clair Ave. W.

East Lynn Park
Danforth/East Lynn

East Toronto Athletic Field
Main/Gerrard St. E.

Eastview/Blake Park

Eglinton Park
Eglinton/Oriole Pwky.

Fairhaven Park
Dixon & MacArthur

Fairmount Park
Beaton /Wrenson

Fred Hamilton
Roxton, S. of College

Geary Park
115 Geary Ave.

General Mercer
Old Weston Rd. & Turnberry

Glen Park
Cowley & North Glen

George Webster
Chapman, E. of Dawes Rd.

Grange Park

Halbert Park
East of McCowan Rd., north of Kingston Rd.




Hillcrest Park

High Park
High Park Ave. South of Bloor

Highview Park
Off Highview Ave., west of Kennedy Rd.

Jimmie Simpson Park
Queen E., E. of Broadview

Jonathan Ashbridges Park
Queen E., E. of Woodfield

June Rowlands Park
Davisville/Mt Pleasant

John Tabor Park
On John Tabor Trail, north of Sheppard Ave.

Kew Gardens
Lee, S. of Queen E.

Knob Hill Park
North of Eglinton Ave., on east side of Brimley Rd.

Leslie Grove Park
Queen E/Jones

Lionel Conacher Park

Lithuania Park
Keele & Glenlake

Little Norway
Bathurst/Lake Ontario

Woodville, W. of Pape

Loretto College
South of St. Clair Ave. W.,  West of Dufferin


Margaret Fairley

Marian Engel
Melita, W. of Christie

Marie Curtis Park
Lakeshore & 42nd St.

Mary McCormick

Maryvale Park
East of Pharmacy Ave., south of Ellesmere Rd.

Masaryk Park
Cowan Ave./S of Queen W.

Matty Eckler
Pape/Gerrard E.

Mimico Memorial Park
Royal York & Hillside

Monarch Park
Felstead/Monarch Park

Moorevale Park

Morse Street
Morse, S. of Eastern

King W., S. of Adelaide

Norwood Park
Norwood, S. of Gerrard E.

Oakcrest Park

Oriole Park
Chaplin/Oriole Pkwy.

Argyle, W. of Dovercourt

Pelham Park
20 Pelham Ave.

Phin Avenue
Jones, S. of Danforth

Prairie Drive
East of Pharmacy Ave., north of Danforth Ave.

Primrose Park
Primrose & Davenport

Prince of Wales Park
Lakeshore & 2nd St.

Ramsden Park

Ravina Gardens
Clendenan & Gweldonwyne

Regent North (west)
Oak, E. of Parliament

Regent South (west)
Sackville Green/St. David Walk

Rennie Park
Morningside, South of Ellis

Rexlington Park
Islington & Bergamot

Riverdale Park West
Carlton, E. of Parliament

Rosedale Park

Runnymede Park
Ryding & St. Clair Ave. W.

King, E. of Parliament

Sherwood Park
Sherwood Ave. east of Mt Pleasant

Sir Casmir Gzowski
Lakeshore Blvd. W. & Howard Park

Spencer Cowan Parkette
Spencer Ave./S. of King

Stephenson Park

Shuter, W. of River

Summerlea Park
Elmhurst & Albion

Sunnydale Park
West Humber & Amoro

Sunnylea Park
Prince Edward & Sunnylea

Thomson Park
East side of Brimley Rd., north of Lawrence Ave. E.

Toronto Island Farm Pool
Toronto Island/Ferry Docks

Topham Park
Tiago, N of St. Clair Ave. E.

Trinity Bellwoods
Dundas W/Crawford

Trace Manes


Vine Ave. Park
Vine Ave. North of Dundas St. W.

 Wadsworth Park
Connolly North of Davenport

Wanless Park
Wanless Ave. north of Lawrence W.

Wellesley Park
Wellesley, E. of Parliament

Wells Hill Park
Hilton/ St. Clair

West Lodge Park
Lansdowne Ave./N. of Queen W.

Winchester Park

Withrow Park
Carlaw, S. of Danforth

Woburn Ave. Park
Woburn Ave. and Jedburg Rd.

Source: City of Toronto