Rain may be in the forecast for Tuesday, but you can be sure that the Docks will be dry.  

On Monday the popular waterfront attraction had its liquor licence revoked by the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission after a flood of noise complaints from residents of the Toronto Islands.   It was also hit with a $14,000 fine.

The team of Islanders who vocally fought for the right to silence was making their share of noise after learning of the decision, popping corks during their own celebration.  

“We have really suffered with the noise,” said a relieved Frida Lord.   “It shakes the furniture, it shakes the bed and we’ve done our very best to have this resolved and I’m happy about it.”

Fellow Islander Freya Godard welcomed the news.

“It’s very gratifying to know that even a big company like that isn’t above the law.”

The fight to have the licence revoked has been going on for quite some time.   Last year there were 26 days of hearings on the topic.  

“This is a vindication for all of the neighbours who have said you play your music too loud, it’s overcrowded here and you aren’t being a good neighbour to those of us who live in the area,” adds Councillor Paul Fletcher.

Patrons and tourists, however, weren’t as exciting about the news that one of their favorite watering holes had dried up.

Many were voicing their displeasure with what turned out to be a precedent-setting move.   

“This is the first time that the Board has made a decision to revoke a license specifically when the only issue at stake was violation of the conditions regarding noise,” revealed AGCO spokesperson Ab Campion.

The decision paves the way for other Toronto residents living near nightclubs to voice their concerns about noise.

“We step outside our back door on an active club night, and (we’re) met with a pressure wave,” complains Don Rodbard of the King Spadina Residents Association, who lives in the city’s Entertainment District. “Pounds your chest, from the bass.

“Almost every owner regards that as his right – to broadcast off his patio, open his doors, make noise … and carry on like a buffoon.”

Lawyers for the Docks believe they have valid grounds for an appeal and will be launching one in a timely fashion. The bar’s owners have asked that they be allowed to carry on with their business as usual until a ruling on such an appeal is made – and for now the club remains open.

How to file a noise complaint