Blasts of gunfire and wailing sirens have already become an all too familiar soundtrack to the early summer in Toronto, and on Wednesday night those ominous sounds once again echoed.   

The city’s latest shooting took place on Wednesday night on Burrows Hall Boulevard in the Sheppard and Neilson area around 8pm.

Numerous shots rang out, injuring two brothers aged 15 and 19. One was struck in the neck, the other in the leg.


One person was reportedly taken into custody, but it seems police believe more than one person was responsible for the carnage.


Officers were appalled by the brazen act.


“There was a lot of activity, a summer day in Scarborough on a residential street and this is just pathetic that these guys would come (and do this). There’s bullet casings up and down this street, it’s just sickening,” said Det. Steve Peconi.


Area residents were stunned by what transpired.


“It’s really frightening that, you know, this could happen in a neighbourhood like this. It’s a quiet neighbourhood. There’s usually no problems,” said one resident.  

“You don’t think it’s going to happen two doors down from you. You hear it on the news. You see it on TV, but I’m not used to this. This doesn’t happen around me.”

It has already been a very bloody first week of summer.


On Monday, a teen was gunned down outside a bakery on Pape near Cosburn. Cops are hunting for several suspects.


And a 40-year-old was hit in the leg by gunfire that same evening at Shuter and Sherbourne. Both victims are expected to survive their injuries.


Seven people were hurt, one fatally, in at least six separate shootings across the GTA on the weekend.


Two of the incidents involved police.


A 23-year-old was wounded by a Toronto cop early Sunday after allegedly trying to run the officer down with a car at Midland Rd. and Lawrence Ave. East.


A similar incident occurred two days earlier in Mississauga, when Peel police shot a man who allegedly drove at them near Dixie and Shawson Rds. He took off and crashed his vehicle about 10 kilometres away in Brampton.


In another violent incident, two men were shot and wounded Sunday outside a 7-11 convenience store at College St. and Spadina Ave. downtown.


The gunplay started last Friday afternoon, when a man was shot to death in a confrontation at his Neilson Rd. and Sheppard Ave. East home.


Then on Saturday, a nightclub bouncer and a man out walking near Sherbourne and Shuter Sts. were wounded in separate shootings.